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Dream ring handmade at Cristys Jewelry by Carlos Sevillano.

It is a unique piece in 18k (750) gold with a magnificent prasiolite (green amethyst) of 17.80ct and two small garnets.

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There are several numerical scales to define the size of the rings, in Spain we use the Tatum system, but we show you the equivalence with other systems. To find out what your size is, you only have to measure the diameter of your finger and see the correspondence in the following table. On our page, the measure of our rings is in the Spanish system.

guía de tallas – laBIJOUXTELLE

Please note the following:

- Our fingers are different, even from one hand to another, so it is important to measure the specific finger where you are going to wear the ring.
- The fingers change according to the weather and body changes, and vary their size. The most reliable measurement is the one made at the end of the day. If you have a tendency for your fingers to swell, order a larger size for more comfort.

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Dream ring handmade at Cristys Jewelry!

It is a unique piece in 18k (750) gold with a magnificent prasolite (green amethyst) of 17.80ct and two small garnets. This piece is simply stunning. It is original in all aspects, since the stone is carved in a unique way, enhancing its brilliance through the curved lines that adorn its lower part. In addition, the frame is also unique, as it replicates the lines of the prasiolite carving, instead of being a standard frame. The body of the ring is double, to give more support to the large stone, but with an apparently light result.

Prasolite, also known as Green Amethyst, is a gem that radiates a serene and refreshing energy. Its soft and bright green color is perfectly complemented by the brilliant garnets, creating a truly harmonious combination.

Every detail of this ring has been worked with love and dedication, making it a unique piece. You won't find another one like it anywhere.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that represents your individuality and highlights your style, rings like this are the ideal choice.

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Data sheet

18K Yellow Gold (750mls)
Stone measure
27.35 x 13.2mm
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